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Farfetch x Alibaba Group x Richemont Partnership is Boosting the Online Luxury Industry

E-Commerce in China Premium Brands

China should represent 50% of the luxury market by 2025 and obviously, this will mainly involve the digitalization of luxury shopping! With Covid-19, the necessity of e-commerce became even more evident and it is even more true for luxury. From their growing involvement in the e-commerce ecosystem to this partnership, all the signals are going in this direction: luxury is read to fully take over Chinese e-commerce!

Read more about the partnership and investments here: https://www.farfetchinvestors.com/financial-news/news-details/2020/Farfetch-Alibaba-Group-and-Richemont-Form-Global-Partnership-to-Accelerate-the-Digitization-of-the-Luxury-Industry/default.aspx

Farfetch is partnering with Alibaba and Richemont