About us

We are obsessed with helping brands crack the code of traffic and maximize sales performance.

Full Jet started as a consultancy shop founded by Sandrine Zerbib 10 years ago. Sandrine wanted to make companies entering China benefit from her experience in navigating the maze of Chinese retail. Soon after, Full Jet accompanied the rise of E-commerce in China and moved from being a consultant to also becoming a true service partner.

Why Full Jet? Because “Full Jet” was the password to the file where Sandrine kept all her passwords.  For Full Jet, it’s always been about helping companies find the Open Sesame which opens the doors to the complex Chinese Business Ecosystem.

Full Jet is a strategic and brand focused TP ('Tmall Partner') with true Digital Marketing capabilities. Its goal, more than anything else, is to help brands crack the codes of e-commerce platforms in order to know what, where and how to invest inside and outside of those platforms.


Creative thinking and professionalism.